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Static Cling Decal Window Decorations provide the look of Etched Glass at a fraction of the cost. Made of an 8 mil thick, removable static cling vinyl, Static Cling Decal Window Decorations add elegance to any décor and enhance the beauty of your home. The non-adhesive static cling makes application to any smooth glass or plastic surface easy. To remove Static Cling, simply lift a corner and peel it off. Interchange patterns and designs to create your own customized work of art! Ideal for Sliding Glass Doors, Shower Doors, Sidelites, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, and Mirrors.


1.   Clean hands thoroughly to prevent any dirt/oils from adhering to the surface of the decal. Also clean the area where decal will be applied thoroughly with window cleaner and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.
**NOTE** DO NOT allow the backing paper that is against the decal to get wet!!!!

2.   Spray cleaned glass "very" liberally with a glass cleaner before applying decoration. A substantial amount of moisture is required between the decal and surface to give an even appearance once fully dried. NEVER INSTALL ON A DRY SURFACE.

3.   With dry hands, peel the decal from the backing paper. For easier handling you can spray the side of the decoration that was against the backing paper (shiny side). This will prevent it from clinging to itself and aid in its application. REMEMBER it is necessary to place the side of the decal that is against the backing paper to the glass. IT WILL NOT ADHERE ON ETCHED SIDE! If patterns are to face one another; and, left & right designs are not available, apply one to the interior and one to the exterior surface.

4.   Position the shiny side of the decoration against the wet surface -(Wetter is always Better!). Using a rubber-tipped squeegee, plastic driver's license or credit card (making sure there are no rough edges), work from the center outward and squeegee out "ALL" the excess air and moisture. Then, wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.
5.   If any tiny bubbles appear between the decal and the surface, repeat Step 4, making sure to thoroughly wet the "surface" again and squeegee "all" of the moisture out. Any excess moisture should evaporate within a 24-hour period.

Plastic Windows: Interior application is recommended. Please check with the window manufacturer before applying window cleaner to any plastic surface. If window cleaner cannot be used, a very light soapy solution is recommended for installation. Tinted Windows: Your decoration may give a more desirable appearance on the exterior surface, especially, if the tint is dark. This has no adverse effect on your decoration.


If, at any time, bubbles occur, simply peel back the area affected and re-apply. Bubbles that are only visible from the glass side are due to insufficient moisture during application. Therefore, always spray a generous amount of window cleaner to wet the glass and material before you squeegee.

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