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1:Are they easy to apply?

Yes, they apply easily with Windex or soapy water and a squeegee, instructions are included.

2: Are they easy to remove?

Yes, using your fingernail, carefully start from any edge and then slowly pull decal away.

3:Can I reuse them? 

Absolutely! Just re-apply using the same method.

4:Can I put this on a window or door that gets a lot of sun?

Yes, our decals are made to handle heat and Uv rays from the sun. 

5:Should I install them on the inside or the outside of the glass?

They can be applied to the inside or outside but we recommend applying inside, they will last much longer!

6:Can I apply either side of the decal to the glass? 

No, one side of the decal will have a paper backing on it. This is the side that needs to be applied to the glass.

7:I have frosted glass shower doors, can I use your decals?

No, our decals disappear on frosted glass. 

8:My glass is textured, can I use your decals?

No, the surface must be smooth.

9:I have tinted glass, can I use your decals?

It depends on how dark your tint is. The darker the tint the less likely you'll be able to see it from the opposite side.

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